Glogovina offroad

21 – 23 July 2023
Organiser:  ORK Glogovina
Location coordinates:  N 46.174000,   E 16.372972

The first "Glogovina offroad" competition of an official character will be held in Ljubešćica in July - 21-23 July 2023. years.

The registration fee is €50 per person (that is, €100 per crew), and it can be paid no later than July 1, 2023 , until applications are open.

They will ride in two categories: hard and soft.

The HARD class will have to meet the conditions during the technical inspection and verification of the vehicle, namely that the vehicle has:
- rollbar
- front/rear winch
- helmets and H belts
- fire extinguisher and first aid
- spare tire
- anchor is recommended

FirstThe SOFT class must meet these conditions:
- tires M/T up to 35"
- portals are not allowed
- front winch
- helmets and belts
- fire extinguisher and first aid
- spare tire or repair kit

The organizer, ORK Glogovina , notes that a belt is mandatory when using the winch .

Whether this applies to all winching options (eg for other vehicles or improvised "artificial" options), or exclusively to trees, you will find out at the briefing.

The assumption is that you will not fit "helmets" that are not designed for cars or motorsports (that is, bicycle helmets or the like).

Camping and other accommodation for the first "Glogovina offroad" competition

FirstRegarding the accommodation of vehicles and people, ORK Glogovina informs you that camping will be possible in the range.

You will have to contact the organizer for other accommodation options.

"Accommodation" (parking) for all accompanying vehicles - or as the organizer states: unnecessary vehicles, trailers, etc., you will have to accommodate/park outside the range.

So, not at the training ground, but not far from it either.

Coordinates and other information you will need

Location of the training ground: 46°10'26.4″N 16°22'22.7″E
Mandatory parking for all unnecessary vehicles/trailers near the training ground: 46°10'38.6″N 16°22'48.2″E

Bednjanska 52, 42222 Ljubešćica
IBAN: HR5423600001103054880
OIB: 16982701532
Information: 0953890646 Kruno / 0917521583 Denis /

Program at the first "Glogovina offroad" competition

21.07.2023. (Friday) – prologue (polygon)
22.07.2023. (Saturday) – road book SOFT/HARD
23.07.2023. (Sunday) – final exam SOFT/HARD (polygon)

Short and clear.

Poster for the first