H6 Round 2

Poland , Wyrazów
27 May 2023
Location coordinates:  N 50.781749,   E 19.007039 (Not exact coordinates)

A combination of the formula of a 6-hour marathon with crossing Special Stages in the style of the Poland Trophy.

The starting lists for each Round are filled up immediately, which in itself shows how popular this event is.


The competitors move along a fully taped loop, several kilometers long. There are Special Stages on the route for each of the classes that must be overcome or avoided.

The rally lasts 6 hours and will be divided into two, 3-hour parts. During them, the crews must complete as many laps of the loop as possible. For each completed lap, crews receive points. The winner is the crew that scores the most points within the allotted time.

The Special Sections have the character of a crossing. Each class has its own OSes.

There is a designated zone along the route of the rally where services may be stationed. During the competition, competitors will be able to use the help of mechanics, but only in the service area.

The competition takes place in three classes: NO LIMIT, ADVANCE and CHALLENGE.

No Limit class cars as modified as possible, with a mechanical winch and any number of electric cars.

Advance class cars as modified as possible, with two electric winches.

The Challenge class consists of cars with a serial body and one electric winch.