Hard Off Road - H9

Poland , Hard Off Road PL - Tor w Dzikowcu
22 – 23 September 2023
Organiser:  HardOff.pl
Location coordinates:  N 50.566803,   E 16.585760
New territory means new possibilities! We invite you to the H9 Off-road Race
What do we want to offer you?
Lots of driving!
• Two stages: Friday and Saturday
• A fast wide loop of almost 5 km
• Additional sections divided into classes in the "old" part of the track with a length of several more kilometers for each class
• A lot of technical riding with elements of descents and ascents, traverses, rocks and stones
• Minimum amount of winch use
• No water or mud, only technical riding
• Proven electronic time measurement without paper cards or stamps
• Personalized stickers and T-shirts for each crew
• Simple competition rules: the crew with the most laps and the shortest driving time wins
• Competitor limits in each class, which guarantees driving without traffic jams

Division into classes:
Freshman - a subjective class for tourist cars.
challenge: challenge
Hard: extreme electrician
Hard +: extreme mechanic
Registration starts in July!