Offroad Budel

7 – 9 October 2022
Organiser:  Offroad Budel
Location coordinates:  N 51.280183,   E 5.581462
Offroad Budel is an event where every 4×4 enthusiast can indulge himself. With or without a car, with or without terrain experience.
Even if you are considering purchasing a 4×4, you have come to the right place at Offroad Budel.
Offroad Budel 2022 will take place on the weekend of 7, 8 and 9 October 2022.

Base area
Various activities take place on the base site and you can drive around with your 4×4. There are easy and difficult challenges to find, so there is something for everyone.
On the 4×4 market, various companies promote their 4×4 items (parts, accessories, 4×4 holidays, etc.) and special vehicles are exhibited. It is also possible to make test drives on the base site.
The inner man has also been thought of: on the base site you can go for food and drinks at various catering establishments. In the heated marquee you will be entertained with (live) music and there is a children's program for children of all ages.
Various routes through the area depart from the base area. Participants in the routes must register and pay in advance.
This is necessary for the organization to run smoothly. In this way we ensure a good distribution of the cars, so that traffic jams are prevented.
You can choose from three different routes: blue, red, and black. All routes are partly on unpaved terrain.

Registrations for routes will open on May 1, 2022