Slovenija Trophy

Slovenia , Vogrsko
26 – 27 August 2023
Organiser:  4x4 Lijak
Location coordinates:  N 45.927115,   E 13.709124

In the speed test, the vehicles compete in three classes, classified by displacement: - Category A, petrol up to 2000 cc;
- Category B, over 2000cc;
- Category C, diesel.
Conditions and score
- A route to be carried out for 30 consecutive minutes.
- The speed must not exceed 60 km / h.
- In exceptional cases (at the discretion of the organizer), the route may be shortened.
- It is allowed to change driver and passenger, but only with the same vehicle and the
same crew in an individual race.
- A crew that has covered half of the planned route is positioned behind the last crew
that has finished the entire course.
“TROPHY 4x4” race
• The race consists in covering a pre-established and well-marked circuit several times; the instruction for duration and the rounds will be during the pre-race briefing.
• The circuit involves the overcoming of obstacles, mainly natural, consisting of wooded stretches, rocks and mud flats.
The vehicles for the Trophy4x4 are not determined by shape or power, but by total weight up to 3.5t.
• The race will be divided into two categories (Trophy and Extreme), both will compete in the same circuit.
Category "Extreme"
• All 4 or 6-wheel drive vehicles with the obligatory original chassis (can be slightly shortened front / rear), a roll cage and tire size max 35” can participate.
• Portal axles, rear axle steering and independently adjustable air suspension and the fitting of chains to the tires are not permitted.
"Trophy" category
• All vehicles with 4 or 6 wheel drive can participate, they must be equipped with a properly constructed protective roll-cage.
• Vehicles with roll-cage in place of the chassis and bodywork are permitted.
• Portal axles, all-wheel steering and the independently adjustable air suspension are permitted.
• There are no limits on tire size.
• Chains for the tires is not permitted.
Mandatory equipment
• The minimum mandatory equipment inside the vehicle during the race is: - 4x4 or more traction;
- protective safety cage (roll cage);
- safety belt (minimum with three fixing points);
- towing device accessible from the front and rear (tow hook or hook);
- winch;
- n. 02 straps / strops for traction, total length min. 12m (2x6m), range min. 5t .;
- n. 01 approved strap / strop, to be wrapped around trees for the protection and preservation of the trunk (min. Length 2m, min. Strength 5t.);
- n. 02 approved shackles (min. 5t.), Or a suitable certified replacement device;
- n. 01 helmet for each crew member;
- a pair of gloves for each crew member;
- valid first aid kit;
- fire extinguisher min. 1 kg for vehicles;
- if the fuel tank is not original, it must be suitable for motorsport competitions with
due bulkheads / vents and fuel non-return system in case of rollover.
Competition rules
• The driver and passenger must be on board the vehicle at departure and arrival, with seat belts fastened, helmets fastened and with the racing equipment stored.
• In an individual race, the exchange between driver and passenger is allowed, but only with the same vehicle and the same crew.
• Each competitor will be given a starting time, the time will start to be recorded at a precise starting point, marked on the control card or on the measurement chip, regardless of whether the competitor is at the starting point at that moment .
• It is forbidden to use the winch "without" a strop or strap previously positioned around the tree or rock. If the organizer prepares a docking point, its use is mandatory.
• It is forbidden to touch the taut cable while using the winch.
• External help from the public or assistants is forbidden, but the competing crews can help each other.
At the end of the individual stages, the points are calculated; the sum of all the points of the single stages constitutes the final classification of the competition.
If the competitor does not finish the stage, the longest running time of the route will be applied.
The scoring systems will be indicated during the briefing.
1. seat belts not fastened correctly when the crew is in the vehicle;
2. driving outside the planned areas of the route;
3. breaking of the circuit tape;
4. The knocking down of a stake;
5. after the call, the competitor must be ready on the starting line within 2 minutes;
6. the helmet not worn and fastened during the competition;
7. The use of the winch "without" a strop or belt previously positioned around the trees.
8. touch the taut cable while using the winch;
9. external help.
Penalty points will be communicated during the briefing.